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Osmolality Testing and Certification

We improve the quality and safety of products and services for diverse industries and groups including personal care, health care, municipalities, and more.

What is Osmolality?

What is Osmolality

Osmolality is a measurement of materials in a solution. Technically speaking, that measurement is expressed in the scientific standard of osmoles of solute particles per kilogram of solvent.

Our lab measures the osmolality of the testable liquids that concern you. We offer data in a time-sensitive manner and at competitive rates.

As additional services, we also stand ready to offer consultation as needed for interpretation, quality improvement, R&D, etc. LEARN MORE

Why Osmolality Testing?

Why Osmolality Testing

Osmolality testing powerfully answers questions, such as:

  • How concentrated are the ingredients in a beverage?
  • How much material is in a solution?
  • How much matter is dissolved in a gel?
  • How will the sample behave?

Osmolality measurements are critical to research organizations, manufacturers, municipalities, consumer advocates, individuals and more to guarantee quality and safety! LEARN MORE

How is Osmolality Tested?

How is Osmolality Tested?

Osmolality is tested at our on-site laboratories using state of the art testing equipment and a GLP compliant quality system. We specialize in testing osmolality via vapor pressure and freezing point methods, and offer a variety of other related tests.

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The Osmolality Lab does not test biohazardous materials.

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