Osmolality Testing and Certification

We improve the quality and safety of products and services for diverse industries and groups including personal care, health care, municipalities, and more.

What is Osmolality?

What is Osmolality

Osmolality is a measurement of materials in a solution. Technically speaking, that measurement is expressed in the scientific standard of osmoles of solute particles per kilogram of solvent.

Our lab measures the osmolality of the testable liquids that concern you. We offer data in a time-sensitive manner and at  competitive rates.

As additional services, we also stand ready to offer consultation as needed for interpretation, quality improvement, R&D, etc. 


Why Osmolality Testing?

Why Osmolality Testing

Osmolality testing powerfully answers questions, such as:

  • How concentrated are the ingredients in a beverage?
  • How much material is in a solution?
  • How much matter is dissolved in a gel?
  • How will the sample behave?

Osmolality measurements are critical to research organizations, manufacturers, municipalities, consumer advocates, individuals and more to guarantee quality and safety!


How is Osmolality Tested?

How is Osmolality Tested?

Osmolality is tested at our on-site laboratories using state of the art testing equipment and a GLP compliant quality system. We specialize in testing osmolality via vapor pressure and freezing point methods, and offer a variety of other related tests.

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The Osmolality Lab does not test biohazardous materials.

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Outsource Laboratory Testing

The Osmolality Lab fills a growing need in contract testing by becoming the industry’s go-to-partner for osmolality and related testing. Dedicated to interactive, timely, cost-effective laboratory service, we are improving the products and lives of customers.

What We Do

The Osmolality Lab performs third-party testing on a wide variety of beverages, drinking waters, topical creams, ointments and gels, personal lubricants gels, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and just about any liquid based product designed for human use. The Osmolality Lab runs USP methods (e.g. USP <785>) or internal validated methods upon request. As your trusted partner, we provide the data that can substantiate your product’s quality and help companies through protocols and analytical hurdles.

What We Don’t Do

Many of our clients are producers of beverages, spring waters, skin care products, personal lubricant gels, nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals, covering an entire spectrum of water-based products. As their products are for human use, they appreciate the fact that The Osmolality Lab does not accept hazardous biological materials or radioactive materials. We are strictly a non-blood and non-urine osmolality laboratory. Our freezing point osmometers and vapor pressure osmometers are for product analysis only. Please contact The Osmolality Lab in advance with any questions regarding samples in question or about this policy.

Your Trusted Partner in Osmolality

We seek to earn your trust and foster a professional and long-term relationship. The Osmolality Lab’s immediate value is in third-party testing at attractive rates with reasonable turn-around times; but it goes much deeper. In addition to our GLP compliant testing services, The Osmolality Lab offers an advantageous partnership in product and method development. We also take pride in sharing useful scientific information and news regarding osmolality and encourage you to bookmark our Resources Page and our Blog.

A Variety of Services

Time is money, so when outsourcing product testing to contract laboratory organizations, it certainly saves to consolidate! Accordingly, The Osmolality Lab is pleased to offer a variety of osmolality related analytical testing services:
Vapor Pressure Osmolality Testing
Freezing Point Osmolality Testing
Conductivity Testing
Free-Chlorine Testing
Total Chlorine Testing
pH Testing
Salinity Testing
TDS Testing
Viscosity Testing


The Osmolality Lab’s Certification for a variety of products from water and beverages to topicals such as lotions, creams and gels allows consumers to learn from a reputable and independent third party that a product meets high-quality standards and is optimized for its target applications. Companies are increasingly under pressure to improve products, document the science behind their claims, build credibility and differentiate their products from the competition. The exclusive certification mark from The Osmolality Lab strategically placed on a product’s label, website, and promotional materials, will create validation, increase consumer confidence, aid consumers in their decision-making process, and add ongoing value. You may also have the opportunity to see your product listed on The Osmolality Website as “OsmoLab Certified℠ ”.

Why Test the Osmolality of Lubricants?

The WHO (World Health Organization) has set forth recommendations for the osmolality of personal lubricants. Many personal lubricants on the market fall alarmingly short of the WHO guidelines and can often create negative consequences for women’s health. The Osmolality Lab can help personal lubricant companies complete government required testing, (such as the testing requirements of 510(k) registrations) and demonstrate to consumers that their personal lubricant product meets the WHO recommendations for low osmolality, is of high quality, and is optimized for women’s health.

Why Test the Osmolality of Skin Care Products?

Analyzing the osmolality of skin care products is an extremely strong indicator that the cosmetic company behind the product is committed to high-quality standards with products optimized for absorption. Gels, creams, ointments, and serums that exhibit advantageous qualities of osmolality for the product’s intended application may even qualify for The Osmolality Lab’s Certification which can then augment brand recognition. This is what we refer to as “Science Empowered Marketing®.”

Why Test the Osmolality of Functional Waters, Spring Waters & Beverages?

Osmolality testing can verify that functional waters or beverages exhibit osmolality ranges supporting optimal absorption. This, in turn, can offer health-conscious consumers credibility through scientific transparency as they learn from reputable and independent third-party lab that the product they are choosing is optimized for targeted application. The most effective way to take advantage of this “Science Empowered Marketing®” is to become OsmoLab Certified. Even short of formal certification, however, osmolality testing empowers researchers, manufacturers, municipalities, consumer advocates and individuals to understand and optimize not only absorption, but also, purity, stability, characterization, shelf-life and more.

“ipsa scientia potestas est”


Sir Francis Bacon, Meditations Sacrae (1597)