In addition to our meticulous testing services, The Osmolality Lab offers an advantageous partnership in product and method development.

Product Development Consulting

Method Development Consulting

The Osmolality Lab is uniquely qualified to seamlessly integrate method development, method validation, protocol development, validation reports, experimental design and more. As methods often need to be tailored to address specific analytical challenges, we’ll start your project with consultation on your project objectives and parameters.

With the know-how established at The Osmolality Lab, our dedicated team will develop methodologies and validations that are reliable and reproducible, while minimizing non-conformances and enhancing production yields.


Product Development Consulting

The scope of our product development services runs the gamut! Whether you are looking for a bit of consultation to bolster an existing product, seeking comprehensive support from initial concept all the way to market, or exploring any R&D related capacity in-between, The Osmolality Lab aims to enduringly empower you, our client partners.

Our accomplished team members have been instrumental in the development of products that have cumulatively passed a billion dollars in revenue, while our business philosophy has always been to stay out of the lime-light.

Product Development Consulting

Other Consulting

An exhaustive list of consulting possibilities would be just that: exhausting! Please let us know what you are looking to solve, and The Osmolality Lab might provide the solution! We look forward to hearing from you!