Osmolality Testing and Certification Ensures Loyalty From Customers

Customer loyalty is a significant addition to any business, particularly in the world of beverages and cosmetics. A loyal customer means more revenue for years to come.

  • Increasing customer retention by only 2% can have the same impact as reducing costs by 10%! (Bain & Co.)
  • Loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase! (White House Office of Consumer Affairs)
  • 80% of a retailer’s business comes from 20% of its customers! (BRP)
  • After the original purchase, the likelihood of a customer making a second purchase is close to 30%, and after they make a second purchase the likelihood of a third jumps past 50%! (RJ Metrics)
  • The cost of bringing a new customer to the same level of profitability as an existing one is up to 16 times more! (MarTech)

Clearly, customer loyalty is central to long term business success. But creating customer loyalty doesn’t need to be like herding cats. Creating customer loyalty isn’t some secret of the entrepreneurial elites. It all comes down to a customer’s experience and expectations.The customer’s experience must continually live up to their expectations.

How To Increase Customer Loyalty?
Especially companies with beverage or cosmetic products that boast optimal hydration or absorption. Ask yourself, do you have scientific evidence that customers are really experiencing a fully optimized product? How are the customer’s expectations being created, controlled and verified? The Osmolality Lab™ has answers for both of these decisive questions.

Osmolality testing provides empirical data concerning hydration and absorption. It’s not that the products are all bad, but some beverages and cosmetics on the market just need a little TLC to get them to the point that product behavior lives up to lofty marketing accolades. The Osmolality Lab’s team can help with product enhancement where needed or desired.

When some products have been tested and proven, and when the data points to a product being verifiably optimized for hydration/absorption, let your customers know! Show them to your customers with the distinctive certification mark emblazoned on product labels and promotional materials. Becoming certified is a simple yet compelling way to impress upon customers the superior quality of the products they are choosing. Products that meet the strict testing and evaluation criteria are awarded the distinctive THE OSMOLab℠ CERTIFIED mark.

Become certified and enhance your competitive position and brand recognition by emphasizing your commitment to more transparent and quality products! Click the button below to learn more about how your products can become certified.

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