Our Team

The Osmolality Lab™ is a present-day representation of the venerable proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The Osmolality Lab™

We are a small team with decades of laboratory and business experience on multiple continents dedicated to improving products and the lives of customers.

While performing laboratory research on liquids and gel products, our astute team of scientists found themselves with a need to outsource osmolality testing.

The search to find a reliable, cost-effective and timely service soon illuminated the fact that there was a deficiency and an opportunity in the contract research market. Available contractors often outsourced the tests, the fees were high, sample size requirements seemed unreasonable, but most of all, turn-around times were often months.

The team had the expertise and past experience to perform these tests adeptly themselves, but lacked the full-range of equipment required.

Upon evaluation of the market, it became apparent that there would be an opportunity to fill the osmolality testing void, thus benefiting consumers, customers, clients and business partners, by building a laboratory to specialize specifically in osmolality and related testing for functional beverages, drinks, water, gels, cosmetics, lubricants and a whole variety of products.

Beyond the glaring need for such contract testing; beyond the opportunity to become the foremost go-to partner for laboratory testing on osmolality and related tests; beyond our ability to approach the laboratory/client relationship with an interactive mindset, opening the door to consultative R&D; what truly consummated the team’s resolve to provide these services was the opportunity to improve the health and safety of all people.


We exist to improve health and safety for all people by providing unique services to partners driven to create excellence.


We improve the quality and safety of products and services for diverse industries and groups including personal care, health care, municipalities, and more. We pride ourselves in high quality niche laboratory testing at competitive rates, with flexible time frames and the ability to go beyond a normal CRO and act as an R&D partner.
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